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Durham Region has a line available 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to help children, youth and their families - Durham Region Crisis Response.

Children, youth, under 18 or their family members can call if a person under 18 is experiencing a crisis that is not life-threatening, but requires immediate intervention.

That could include suicidal feelings, depression, anxiety, aggression, and/or refusal to go to school or social isolation.  Crisis workers who handle the calls are specially trained to de-escalate and stabilize the situation, then help the caller develop a crisis management and safety plan.

The workers also provide information about mental health services in the community, make referrals and provide advocacy if needed.

The response line is facilitated by Chimo Youth and Family Services, Durham Mental Health Services, Frontenac Youth Services and Kinark Child and Family Services.

Durham's crisis response line can be reached by calling 905-666-0483 or 1-800-742-1890.

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