Community Services

Offered for adolescents and their families who are not in need of more intensive services such as live-in and day treatment. Assessment and treatment may be provided through individual, family, art or group therapy. Community Services also provides therapeutic follow-up supports for live-in and day treatment clients.

Types of Therapy

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One-on-one counseling to support individual growth for adolescents in need.
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Full family unit therapy to improve dynamics, communication, and relationships.

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Group support available for adolescents and/or caregivers, in various community settings.

Specialized Consultations

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Psychological Consultations

Consultation with clients currently involved in our services with an emphasis on client treatment plans.
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Psychometric Testing

Intelligence and academic ability can be tested by an onsite Psychometrist to identify areas of strength and weakness. Psychometric scales can be administered for adolescents who have struggled with learning or school work. This service is only offered for clients enrolled in Frontenac Youth Services programs.

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Psychiatric Consultations

Consultations with clients currently involved in our services with an emphasis on diagnostics and medication needs.
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Art Therapy

Art Therapy is a creative process of making art to strengthen the physical, mental and emotional well-being of individuals and is provided by an Art Therapist for adolescents who have difficulty expressing themselves verbally.

Treatment is focussed on art and play, during which adolescents can enhance their sense of self, coping mechanisms, and interpersonal relationships.

School Mental Health Program

The School Mental Health Counselling Program​ is offered for adolescents in the Durham, Kawartha Pineridge, Peterborough Victoria Northumberland, and Clarington Regions who are experiencing challenges emotionally, behaviourally, or socially.

A team of school mental health workers supports these youth toward meeting identified goals and can transfer to longer term therapy if desired. If you are interested in this support, connect with your school administration.

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Dual Diagnosis Supports

Various therapy approaches can be implemented for adolescents and their families, with cognitive delays. There is also a live-in treatment program with a day treatment component offered for youth with complex needs.

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